Below is a layout in greater detail of what we offer…

Die Cutting

Supplying the point of sale, print and packaging trades for many years we continue to develop both our machinery and operator capabilities enabling us to offer a comprehensive, efficient and competitive trade die cutting service.

As trade suppliers we do not compete against our customers.

We are experienced in the cutting of both traditional and modern materials used within the Print, Display and Packaging industries today. Our expertise in the cutting and utilisation of these materials often leads our customers to seek our advice when designing their products.Die Cutting

When processing printed work our operators set and monitor cutting to accurate registration, ensuring top quality work at all times.

Our plant list includes a range of large format presses giving our customers the opportunity to produce items from a sheet size of up to 3.2 x 1.8 metres or fabricate larger items from multiple impressions.

For high volume work we have a semi-automatic die cutter with a waste stripping facility capable of handling sheet sizes of 2.1 x 1.5 metres.


Also in our plant portfolio are smaller machines of various sizes, on these machines we offer both die and kiss cutting processes.

In conjunction with S & R Cutting formes we offer a cutting tool production facility using the latest CAD, laser and automated bending equipment.To compliment our trade die cutting facility we offer a comprehensive assembly, collating, packing, and despatch service. Our assemblers are experienced in the fabrication of all types of display products including FSUs, Dump bins, Pallet wraps and Counter top units.

Flexible staffing levels ensure we can meet the short lead-times required by promotional industries. Work can be returned to our customers or individually packed and despatched directly to the end user.

CNC Machining

To enhance the cutting services we provide and to enable us to meet the cutting requirements for the ever increasing range of modern materials we have invested in CNC machinery built to our specification.

CNCCuttingThe appropriate cutting method required for the various materials is achieved by the use of various cutting heads. Router heads are used for materials such as MDF, Foamex, Dibond, rigid plastics and packaging foams whilst Knife heads are used for the cutting of paper, cardboards, display board, thin PVC and Correx etc.

Single head cutting is used when one large item is to be cut out of a sheet whilst twin head cutting facilitates the efficient cutting of multiple items per sheet.

With large cutting areas of 3.04m x 2.15m and accommodating thicknesses up to 115mm high we are able cut all standard sheet sizes.

KnifeCNCCamera recognition achieves cutting to tight registration for printed materials.

Specialist tooling and software enable us to ‘V’ cut ‘Reboard’ and other fluted/honeycomb core boards and to facilitate various types of cut and quality required on other materials.

Not only can we cut sheet materials it is also possible by use of jigs to machine holes and slots into extrusions.


Since the founding of the company in 1972 we have designed and supplied packaging to the aerospace, electronics, precision engineering, railway carriage building and allied industries. Our products being used on such prestigious projects as the Concorde,Packaging Airbus, Tornado and Typhoon aircraft and railway carriages for the Channel Tunnel, Northern and Jubilee Lines.

Manufactured from either our design, or customer supplied samples and drawings our products vary from simple corrugated cartons to reusable containers designed to meet the most exacting international specifications.

We have the production facilities and skills that enable us to offer packaging produced from a wide range of materials.


It is unacceptable in today’s market place to have products ‘damaged in transit’ due to the use of unsuitable or inadequate packaging. This can be costly in terms of replacement, administration and customer expectations. Good packaging need not be expensive but failure often is.

designOur design team specialise in the design of packaging for high value and fragile products. They are able to interpret, advise on, and work within any national, international or industry specific packaging standards, most of which are held within our library.

The team can design using either hardware or drawings in any format. CAD technology is used for prototyping and for the drafting of manufacturing and reference drawings.

When shock protection is a requirement calculations using test data and drop height criteria are performed to identify the most suitable type and thickness of cushioning material to use.

Package testing and verification can also be facilitated.

Wooden packaging.

When the company was formed its sole product was wooden packaging for the aerospace and car component industries. We now also produce packaging in cardboard, plastic and foam materials. However, due to its versatility and ease of fabrication wood remains a cost effective material for use in the construction of packaging and we continue to promote its use whenever appropriate.WoodenBoxes

Through membership of the UK Wood Packaging Materials Marking Programme (our unique registration number GB-FC11 HT) we ensure that our wooden products meet the international requirements of ISPM 15 for worldwide export, giving our customers the assurance that shipments will not be delayed on quarantine issues.

The company only purchases timber and panel products from sustainable sources and where there is minimal impact on the environment.

Cardboard packaging

BoxesWe design and manufacture a range of cardboard packaging including, lay flat cartons, die cut fittings and bespoke pre-assembled boxes.

Our versatile machining capabilities allow us to manufacture high and low quantity orders using various grades of board, IFCC design styles, internal fitments and cushioning material.

Products are manufactured using any combination of a number of machining and fabrication techniques including, die cutting, creasing, slotting, wire stitching and gluing.

Plastic cases and foam inserts

During the years of our involvement in the packaging industry we have adapted our design and production techniques to make use


of the developments in plastic and foam materials.

We supply a wide range of plastic ‘Euro cases’ and associated divisions and inserts, these are ideal for material handling, storage and the transportation of products and component kits.


Foam products for use as inserts in cases or as primary packages can be profiled using our CNC machinery or fabricated as necessary.

Euro cases, divisions and foam inserts are all available in ESD compliant grades for use within the electronics industries.

Further to the supply of standard size cases we are able to produce bespoke sizes, this is usually achieved by a process known as ‘cut and shut’ where two or more cases are welded together to make one.